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This post won’t be particularly esoteric or verbose. I would actually just like to introduce SisyphusRedeemed, a professional philosopher from youtube whom I enjoy watching and who expresses very interesting views on topics such as Vegetarianism, Atheism, Apatheism, Morality, Philosophers, and other related subjects.

A fantastic video of his is the following, wherein he argues that miracles themselves would not lead to a necessity for a god:

Miracles Prove Nothing

And, of course, I could not resist posting the following (his latest video):

Insane Clown Posse feat. Bill O’Reilly — Miracles (You Can’t Explain That.)

I do recommend that anyone with an inkling of interest for philosophy subscribes to him, as he is consistently interesting and well spoken.

Other Youtube philosophers dealing with Atheism include the fantastic Scott Clifton and DasAmericanAtheist.


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