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Why so many shushes?

I’m too tired to be coherent lately. Take that into account as you read this rambling post.

I had a discussion this weekend with someone very active in campus feminist orgs. The person expressed frustration with being more or less muzzled by the higher ups, who feel feminism is best advanced by not rocking the boat and avoiding anything controversial.

It’s the same sort of charge always leveled at out and vocal atheists by other atheists. There’s an idea that there’s a right way to advocate our views, and if we step off that narrow enlightened path someone will snatch away our atheist/feminist card.

I remember from the Skepticon panel some talk about the same thing happening in the gay movement, where any gay spokesperson who isn’t always in a suit and tie is told by members of their own movement to be quiet.

I guess I’m wondering where this is coming from. Is it an intrinsic part of any left-skewing movement that we’re told not to confront anyone, and to push our views only by subtle, smiling nudges?

What’s wrong with being an out and angry atheist/gay/feminist? It seems to me that the more angry and vocal our fringe, the greater the conversational space in which the nice atheist gets to seem reasonable. Am I way off base here?


One comment on “Why so many shushes?

  1. Rina Meryman
    May 15, 2011

    Hi, just hopped over to your web site from stumbleupon. This isn’t not an article I would typically read, but I loved your perspective on it. Thanks for making an article worth reading!

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