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Open Officers’ Meeting; Carpool to Warrensburg; Meeting on Wednesday

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Hey everybody!

Our good friend Annie Callicotte (Co-President & Founder of the Secular Student Alliance at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg) was in town last night, so we decided to have a last-minute Open Officers’ Meeting at Heidelberg to get her input on some upcoming events we’re planning, as well as talk to her about participating in events their group is hosting, including an event in Warrensburg tonight (see below).

If you haven’t yet met Annie, you will soon. Annie is fairly new to atheist activism – she started her campus’s SSA group 8 months ago – but has already spoken at a national conference and has lots of great events planned for this year. We are planning for SASHA to be working with her group, as well as with Conrad Hudson et al of KU SOMA (Society of Open-Minded Atheists), the SSA affiliate at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, a LOT this coming year.

L-R: Annie Callicotte (Co-President of SSA @ UCMO), Tony Lakey (President of SASHA), Maggie, Seth, me, Greg Lammers (American Atheists Missouri State Director)

We worked out a lot of details for events we’re planning and had a great time. By the way, these pro re nata open officers’ meetings are open to all our members who are interested in helping plan group activities! Normally we’d give much more notice, but for future reference, we’d love to have anyone who’d like to come, in addition to our regular Wednesday group meetings 🙂

One other thing we talked about is an event tonight in Warrensburg; Tony, Greg, and I are carpooling there tonight to participate. (By the way, if you see this before 4 PM and want to join us, please text/call me at 573-424-0420 and we’d love to have you!). It’s a dialogue between Alpha, a Christian campus group that’s part of the Baptist Student Union at the University of Central Missouri, and the Secular Student Alliance @ UCMO, of which Annie (pictured above) is co-President. We’ll be discussing the existence of the historical Jesus.

We do have our weekly meeting this Wednesday at 5:30, and we have planned a presentation called “Atheism 101.” Unfortunately, due to the same circumstances as last week with Mizzou ORG and the room scheduling mess, we DO NOT YET KNOW where exactly we will be meeting. I promise that we will have this information posted to the Facebook group, the Facebook page, and this blog as SOON as we know it ourselves. Please check again tomorrow for an update!

One last thing: I want to welcome all of our new readers and new group members. We are thrilled to have you and can’t wait to show you how awesome it is to be skeptical at Mizzou. Welcome!

Until next time!

– Dave

(573) 424-0420 cell/text

Dave Muscato is Vice President of MU SASHA. He is a vegetarian, LGBTQ ally, and human- & animal-welfare activist. A junior at Mizzou majoring in economics & anthropology and minoring in philosophy & Latin, he posts updates to the SASHA blog every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. His website is

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