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Fall Activities Mart, and SASHAtalk today!

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Hello everybody!

I’m very excited about the Activities Mart today. This is the day when 125 of the most-active Mizzou student organizations get to set up tables at Lowry Mall (in front of Ellis Library) and show off their groups to new & returning students. We will have a lot of fun stuff at our table – we’re exchanging “A Cookie for Your Soul,” and 4 winners will receive their choice of a copy of The God Delusion (Richard Dawkins), God is not Great (Christopher Hitchens), Breaking the Spell (Daniel Dennett), The End of Faith (Sam Harris), Letter to a Christian Nation (Sam Harris), or The Greatest Show on Earth (Richard Dawkins). We will also be giving away some bumper stickers and answering people’s questions about atheism, skepticism, and critical thinking.

The Activities Mart officially runs from 10 AM to 2 PM, and we would love for you to stop by and say hello, get a cookie, and sign up for our drawings!

HALF the cookies!

Then, tonight at 5:30 in the Student Center room 2213-A (the building with the bookstore), we will have our weekly meeting. SASHA member & Mizzou law student Maggie Ahrens will be giving a SASHAtalk about the World Trade Center “Cross” lawsuit, followed by discussion (and leftover cookies, if there are any!). Check out the Facebook event here. We will also be announcing an event to commemorate 9/11 on Sunday that we’re working on together with the Columbia Peace Coalition.

If you need directions to the room, or have questions, feel free to call/text me at 573-424-0420 cell.

See you today/tonight!

– Dave

(573) 424-0420 cell/text

Dave Muscato is Vice President of MU SASHA. He is a vegetarian, LGBTQ ally, and human- & animal-welfare activist. A junior at Mizzou majoring in economics & anthropology and minoring in philosophy & Latin, he posts updates to the SASHA blog every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. His website is

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