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Less than 24 hours ’til cake!

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Hello everyone!

I want to remind everybody that our weekly meeting is tomorrow (Wednesday) at 5:30. There will be cake! Although we usually meet in the Agriculture Building room 2-16, this week, we’ll be in the lobby of the Student Center (Facebook event). This will be a “fun” meeting – no guided discussion topic or SASHAtalk this week, more of just a get-to-know-you meeting and a way for our new members and curiosity-seekers to ask questions and learn more about who we are and why we do what we do. There will be games, and yes, CAKE (the food, not the band). See you there!

Brother Jed was out preaching on campus again today, and will be the rest of this week as well. Sister Cindy (his wife) and his daughter were out as well, and his daughter played guitar & sang a song for us. She performed Chris Tomlin’s “How Great is Our God”:

The splendor of a king, clothed in majesty
Let all the earth rejoice
Let All the earth rejoice

He wraps himself in light, and darkness tries to hide
And trembles at his voice
Trembles at his voice

How great is our god, sing with me
How great is our god, and all will see
How great, how great is our god

While she was singing, I used a manila folder & a Sharpie to draw up a makeshift sign, and stood behind her with it:

Citation for 20 million claim

We got into an interesting discussion with Bro Cope about cosmogony. The discussion got pretty heated, and a Mizzou physicist stepped in, along with SASHA blogger James Pflug, to point out the flaws in Cope’s arguments. I’m not trained in physics and the discussion was pretty far over my head, so I’m not going to attempt to recap it here, but from what I understood by James’ and the physicist’s statements, Cope seemed to be building quite a straw man argument. Cope also engaged in multiple ad hominem fallacies, calling James and some other students “stupid” or “idiots.”

Cope also told us about how he has heard (and apparently regularly hears) his god talking to him. I asked him how he knows it’s his god (he specified “god, the father”) and not his imagination. He said that the voice tells him it’s his god. I attempted to explain why this is begging the question, but I don’t think he was very receptive to what I was saying. At another point, he did attempt to provide real evidence that his claim is true, by saying that the voice has told him things he would not otherwise have any way of knowing. When I asked him for verifiable examples, reminding him that it would be necessary to verify the chronology here: In order to qualify as evidence of prophecy, he would have had to have written down or otherwise recorded these things in such a way that we could establish, with confidence, that he wrote them down before the events took place. He claimed to have written these things down, but said he didn’t have them with him. I asked him to bring the evidence with him tomorrow, but he made no promises.

Overall, it was a fun afternoon. Sister Cindy and Brother Jed were wearing matching shirts that said “You Deserve Hell” on the recto and “Hell Awaits You” on the verso. We responded by displaying signs of our own reading “You Deserve Hugs,” “Hugs Await You,” and “FREE HUGS,” in case people didn’t get it 😉

We’re looking forward to tomorrow – join us at noon for something extra special! Lots of fun planned! Stay tuned and we’ll see you at 5:30 for the meeting, too 🙂

Until next time!

– Dave
(573) 424-0420 cell/text

Dave Muscato is Vice President of MU SASHA. He is a vegetarian, LGBTQ ally, and human- & animal-welfare activist. A junior at Mizzou majoring in economics & anthropology and minoring in philosophy & Latin, Dave posts updates to the SASHA blog every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. His website is

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