New Facebook feature = new Atheism Activism list feed!

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Hello all!

Facebook has introduced a new feature, Lists, that allow you to view a curated list of feed updates from many different pages & profiles in a single place (similar to Twitter Lists). With the input of our fellow activists, SASHA has created a List called “Atheism Activism” to help atheists, secular activists, and science-education advocates get all their favorite activism updates in a single Facebook feed.

You can subscribe to the Atheism Activism List by clicking here.

This List includes feeds from the Secular Student Alliance, Center for Inquiry, American Atheists, Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science, National Science Education Foundation, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, The Friendly Atheist, Evid3nc3, and 40 others.

We are interested in adding more Pages and personal profiles to the feed. If your favorite activism organization or speaker is not on the List, please leave a comment below and we’ll check it out. As this is a curated list, we are looking for high-quality, regularly-updated feeds. Our goal is to be the go-to List for atheism activists on Facebook.

Please subscribe and SHARE on Facebook, Twitter, and your other social networks. Click here to help spread the word on Reddit. Enjoy!

– Dave from MU SASHA

(573) 424-0420 cell/text

Dave Muscato is Vice President of MU SASHA. He is a vegetarian, LGBTQ ally, and human- & animal-welfare activist. A junior at Mizzou majoring in economics & anthropology and minoring in philosophy & Latin, Dave posts updates to the SASHA blog every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. His website is

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Helpful resources:
Iron Chariots Wiki
Skeptics’ Annotated Bible / Skeptics’ Annotated Qur’an

YouTubers: Evid3nc3Thunderf00tTheAmazingAtheistThe Atheist ExperienceEdward CurrentNonStampCollectorMr. DeityRichard DawkinsQualiaSoup

Blogs: Greta ChristinaPZ MyersThe Friendly AtheistWWJTD?Debunking ChristianitySkepChick

and don’t forget… other SASHA members! We are here for you, too!

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