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Is this even legal?

Hello all,

I came across this great website called Similar to Facebook’s “What’s on your mind?”, Fiverr asks, “What are you willing to do for $5?” The ideas is that you can hire someone to do some task for $5. Examples include drawing a custom logo in Illustrator, recording  a custom 30-second jingle for your company, brainstorming business names, drawing a caricature of you for your website, etc. I imagine this is especially useful for underemployed people who want some extra income, or for self-employed customers on a budget who need a quick turnaround and artistic skills they don’t personally have.

One particular offer stood out to me enough that I wanted to blog about it. For $5, this couple will “send positive thoughts to whoever [sic] you want,” for “a whole day.” Wow, what a deal! Positive thoughts for a whole day from TWO people, for only $5! That’s like 31 cents an hour! Surely there are laws against that kind of slave labor…

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P.S. I’ve just discovered that the same couple has ANOTHER Fiverr offer available! For an additional $5, they will send positive “healing energy” TO YOUR PET throughout the day! Wow-ie! It’s so cheap, I feel a little guilty! I sent them this message: “Hi, I have some questions about the healing energy for pets. Does this work? Do you have any training in this area? Thank you for your time!” I’ll let you know when I hear back from them.

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