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Breaking News: Pope Benedict XVI will resign on February 28

Hello all, Dave here.

This just in from the Wall Street Journal and AP:

Pope Benedict XVI will resign on February 28th. According to NBC World News, he “doesn’t have the strength anymore.” He is 85 years old. Here is the text of his speech about it.


There has been a lot of controversy over Ratzinger’s reign as head of the Catholic Church. Personally, I’m glad to see him go. Although he has said he is “deeply ashamed” of the church’s problems with pedophiles, he has not done enough/much at all to put a stop to it. Just earlier tonight I was having a conversation with a friend about these sexual abuse cases, making an analogy to restaurants: If there were a chain of restaurants in which some of the chefs were caught molesting customers’ children, and the restaurant chain’s response was simply to shuffle these chefs to other restaurants, there would be a mass boycott. The chefs would be immediately imprisoned and there would probably be threats on their lives. No one would ever eat at those restaurants again. But when it’s the Catholic Church, Catholics make excuses. It’s ridiculous.

Ratzinger was also a member of the Hitler Youth, although this was compulsory at the time and he was not a willing member.

Ratzinger is also a proponent of intelligent design, saying that humans are “not the products of chance and error.” Good riddance. At least John Paul II gave credence to evolution.

One of these men will very likely be the next Pope. We’ll see what happens!

More to come as details unfold.

– Dave

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3 comments on “Breaking News: Pope Benedict XVI will resign on February 28

  1. rocketkirchner
    February 15, 2013

    Dave , you are sorely mistaken when you state that ”Catholics make excuses”. That is an unfounded accusation . I am a Catholic and every Catholic i know is furious over the pedophile issue . This needs to made crystal clear . Just becuase some Catholics ignore the problem i can tell you that most do not . Pedophilia is evil . But let us not forget ; slander and malice and false accusation does not follow far behind when someone makes a sweeping generalization as you have just made.

    i can say these things to you becuase we are cool with each other . Just try and be a little more sensitve to what Catholics are going thru in their embarrasment and even being victims on this issue . I dont go around blaming all atheists for the pogroms of Stalin , Mao , and Pol Pot. Most Atheists i know condemn it . as well they should .

    • AnneAtheist
      February 15, 2013


      It sounds like maybe you know Dave and have maybe taken your conversation offline, but I just wanted to mention that I interpreted his “Catholics make excuses” statement differently than you did.

      In context, his statement was this: “No one would ever eat at those restaurants again. But when it’s the Catholic Church, Catholics make excuses. It’s ridiculous.” To me, the excuses he was talking about were excuses of why Catholics still go to Catholic church, in contrast with his restaurant example, where it seems reasonable to assume that people would most likely never eat at that restaurant chain again.

      Would you continue to be a patron at Dave’s hypothetical restaurant? Why or why not? And if not, how is this different than continuing to go to a Catholic church?

      • rocketkirchner
        February 17, 2013

        Anne , good questions . First off , i have never given a cent to the Catholic Church . In that sense i do not support it . Giving to a eating place verses boycott is what one supports. so in my case i dont think that the analogy fits…… I go for holy communion and the sacramental illumination it provides which is a very personal thing .

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