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Jesus, Take The Wheel!

Jesus, you're facing the wrong way.

Jesus, you’re facing the wrong way.

I hope you’re all staying inside gorging on chocolate bunnies (you damn gluttons), because Christians are rallying around demonstrations of faith, one of which is removing their hands from the steering wheel of a car for five minutes and letting their savior drive.

Ok, just kidding. It’s a fake event made up by us evil atheists to exemplify the stupidity of entrusting everything to a divine being. And if anybody actually does it, then I suppose today will live up to my nickname for it: Natural Selection Day.

But it’s true that some religious folks are going somewhat nutters in their application of faith to real life, and to the rational-minded their actions are no less ridiculous than suggesting that Jesus will take over and steer you safely down the highway.

We have our fair share of medically-preventable deaths because of the “faith healing” fad: a boy whose appendix burst died from infection that was not successfully prayed away, and his parents aren’t serving any jail time; a woman and her newborn died from childbirth complications after her pastor refused her parents’ requests to stop praying and take her to the damn hospital, but at least there was a $100 million compensation awarded by a jury; a couple is in prison for six years for failing to seek help for their two-month premature baby, who lived for nine hours before his underdeveloped lungs and staph infection overwhelmed his little system; Jehovah’s Witnesses routinely refuse such mundane and common medical treatment as blood transfusions, which severely limits any other procedures that can be done- many surgeries are out because they would require such transfusions, and a girl who needs a liver and kidney was removed from her parents’ custody when they refused the transplants.

The faith healers don’t even believe in what they do (I presume because they’ve seen their dismal success rates), and this guy went to the hospital for cancer treatment while he let a 15 year old girl die of cancer under his prayer care.

So tell me how these cases are any different than suggesting you pray your car to the grocery store.

Ask me again why I can’t just live and let live, and leave the innocent religious folks alone. I will by no means claim that most religious people are this extreme, but these few cases are more than enough to show the potential dangers of superfaith, and if you give me this bullshit you’re too far gone for help.

Show me a place that encourages faith and is able to entirely objectively separate that from law and I will concede that religion can be safe or even good. But for now I still think it’s just like our wisdom teeth: good for our ancestors, but now a pain in the neck and dangerous until removed.


About khuddlestonsmith

I'm a Mizzou student majoring in Biology and Psychology, minoring in Anthropology, and earning an Honors College degree.

3 comments on “Jesus, Take The Wheel!

  1. rocketkirchner
    April 1, 2013

    As a Christian Practioner of 38 years i want to thank you for reducing me to a sociological stereotype . very mature . very rational . ( snark ).

    • khuddlestonsmith
      April 1, 2013

      How very forgiving and non-judgmental of you!
      In seriousness, I in know way suggest that all or even most faith leaders consider themselves faith healers. I assume you would immediately send a parishioner to a doctor.

      • rocketkirchner
        April 3, 2013

        you are fun to be sarcastic with . please take no offence . this whole issue comes down to Luke working with Paul . Luke was Doctor and Paul healed people with his hands .
        i see no either/or here….athiest dont believe in fath healing , and many christians dont believe in mental illness. Both are shortsighted. LOL

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