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We pray together

During the Boston Marathon, everyone in our city cheers for each other. We help each other across the finish line. When terror struck, we acted as a family. Throughout the chaos, courageous people ran toward danger to help strangers in need.

Now we cry together. We pray together. We help each other.

No one can replace what we’ve lost here in Boston. But today, and in the weeks and months ahead, we’ll get through it together — through sorrow and anger, rehabilitation and recovery. That’s what families do.

Where do you think this excerpt came from? It sounds like part of an editorial, or maybe a church-sponsored ad, right? Not quite. This is part of a message I received this evening from the email server, promoting the rather honorable cause of donating to The One Fund Boston.

Now that’s all well and good, but it got me thinking.

We pray together.

Do we? Is this phrase really appropriate to include in an email to people who signed up to be part of a political campaign? But this kind of attitude toward our *wink wink nudge nudge* “secular” government is quite prevalent. A speech from a politician without “God bless America” at the end is often criticized for being unpatriotic.

At this point it may sound like I’ve just got my atheist panties in a twist over something so small, but hear me out. These examples are part of the overall American mindset toward religion, and it’s overwhelming; from the general assumption that someone is Christian until you find out otherwise, to the defense of churches’ tax-exempt status despite activities that disqualify them, the bias toward religion can be found in just about every corner of the country.

To truly have our separation of church and state, and even to simply be a place of equality, we have to stop looking at everything with Jesus-tinted glasses. Take God out of the schools, the government, the politics, and especially my damn emails. Put him back in the churches where he belongs, and let’s work on ways to actually make progress without falling into the rut of religion.


5 comments on “We pray together

  1. rocketkirchner
    April 24, 2013

    Kate , have you noticed that every time Barak Obama would give his propagandistic anti -terrorism speeches how many times he said ”God bless you” . he said it more times than Bush . both presidents use the name of the Lord in vain . as a Christian Pacifist it really pisses me off . these are the kind of people that Christ exposed as frauds in his day . this is where i side with my Atheist freinds ! take that fake God talk out of the government . it is manipulation to the max. killing and faith do not mix .

    so actually this country and its leaders are not looking at anything thru the eyes of Jesus . if they did they would not have voted for these war criminals . if they did they would obey what Jesus said ”when you pray , dont do it in the open like the hypocrites. but go pray in private”.

    now — where we disagree is this :God does not belong hiding in churches. God belongs on the streets working thru people to help others . this is real progress. look at the great Christians that were progressives and made great strides ; Martin Luther King , Sojourner Truth , Susan B. Anthony and the early feminists , Dorothy Day house for the homeless , the Quakers , the leaders of anti war movements , the leaders of the abolutionist slavery movement. in fact come to think of it , if one screens the history of the America , one finds at the forefront of all the liberation movements… real Christians . well well . suprise suprise . it happens to be one of those pesky little facts much overlooked. or much deliberly ignored.

  2. khuddlestonsmith
    April 27, 2013

    “Real Christians” is a ridiculous term, nobody can think they know if somebody else is “truly” a Christian.
    Pointing out that Christians are at the front of many progressive movements is statistically insignificant, seeing as the majority of America is Christian. I don’t see many actively attempting to help out the gays, or even women. And if you followed what your Bible said (which I suppose is the only measure of “real” Christianity), you’d want submissive women, slaves, and God-justified rape and murder. Don’t give me that bullshit.

    • rocketkirchner
      April 28, 2013

      well well , where do i begin . ?

      1. Christians are people who follow Jesus of Nazareth ONLY , not the Old Testament . i repeat –not the old testament . For what the Law of Moses could not do to change the human heart , Christ did . We have mainly a nation of the great oxymorom called ”old testament christianity ”. i am not one of those . just so you know ”exactly”where i coming from . becuase of this i am not very popular with the church crowd . so save your God -justified rape and murder ,submissive women , slaves , and other accusations for them , NOT ME . please dont accuse me by giving me that bullshit . it is bigotry and an overgeneralzation . i do not like being stereotyped. it is a form of Christophobia as bad as Islamophobia or Homophobia .,

      2. America is not and has never been a Christian nation . that is a lie built by those who seek to brianwash and justify the founding of this country in its killing of Native Americans , promote the slave trade , etc. etc. America was built on the Jeffersonian concept of Deism , not the love your enemies of the Gospels . Wiiliam Penn a devout Quaker was THE only one that kept his word to the Indians here . every other treaty signed by others to the indians was broken . if we were truly a christian nation we would abolish the pentagon and there would be no poverty here .

      3. Jesus of Nazareth was THE first feminist in known history . the women come off looking good in the gospels , but the men come off looking terrible . the women where the first ones at the tomb at the resurrection . the men forsook him . they were cowards . Jesus sent the women out to preach . the word ”sent one ” means Apostle. ergo , they were the first Apostles . There is a very strong history of christian feminism in American history , very strong . read Susan B. Anthony ( remember her ? ) . do your homework and you will find what historians seek to keep hidden but that owning a library card can reveal .

      4. the only measure of christianity is not what the Bible says . the measure is LOVE . it is the love of all. being a servant to all . it shows no partiality . it loves even it enemies . it feeds the poor , it takes in the homeless , it does not tout any relgion or God-talk in public . it speaks truth to power … .. come to think of it , that sounds like the life of christ . shazzzam !

      5. Gay rights –check the website GayChristan ..there is more going on with that than you will hear about in the news. the news just wants to perpetuate a myth that all christians hate gays , and that gays are at war with all christians . that same news –major media outlets are promoting islamophobia too. this is of course to sell adds to make momey . shame on them .

      you know Kate i was just telling Tony the other day that if would be great if we had more people commenting and writing for this blog . so keep up your writing . LOL , Rocket

  3. rocketkirchner
    April 28, 2013 Kate — another one of mine from the same blog , that i think relates to our conversaation .

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