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Dave’s Mailbag: Who is a true follower of Jesus Christ?

tl;dr: Below is a 1,500-word No True Scotsman fallacy I received. I replied with nothing but a simple link to a YouTube video explaining what the No True Scotsman fallacy is.

Received this today; below is my response.

i dont wish to write alot.  but i have watched some of your videos.  i just wanted you to know that i heard you were a worship leader for yeras before walking away. First of all i wish to note, that i dont know what this means.  Were you a protestant Holy Spirit filled Christian who had HOly Spirit and sat under a church that preached against sin?  Or were you a part of a church that believed we are all Gods children and that God doesnt wish for sin to be preached against?  I just wanted to note that it depends on where your start was because anyone can call themselves a minister. Even atheists can call themselves a  minister because the christian term for minister has been taken out of context so much that even atheists, gay advocates all call selves minister.
Question is who is a true follower of Jesus Christ, following way disciples did in book of Acts where they were led by Spirit, preaching at all times.  I dont know where your beginning came as a minister, but if your christian upbringing was in Universal Church, here lies beginning of issues.  Number 1, people have to be under solid teaching, people tend to fall away because narrow road get very hard, they dont like to hear truth about what in bible about homosexuality being a sin so then people fall away because of that or well they choose to walk away because things get very difficult in there life, or they have really dont know real character of Lord, a God who is Love and Just, a God who loves all mankind, hates sin but loves sinner.  This does not exclude Gods nature though that He is Just.  God never made hell for people, he made it for the demons, but because man chose to rebel and themselves make satan there god, well they send them selves into hell now.  Gods purpose for hell was never meant for humans and he does not take delight in humans going to hell.  He weeps for souls that choose to go to hell. For God wishes no man to perish.  He wishes no man to perish.  But if they choose to make satan there god, they are choosing for themselves to go to hell because there is a choice, choose whom this day we must follow Jesus or satan.  Either one or other.
Now if you truely know you received Holy Spirit in your life and didnt grow up in under a church where they taught you things that contradict bible and you were truely told how to come to Christ and what true christian life consists of, such as perseuction, open air preaching, etc etc etc, and you fell away cuz the walk got very hard, then i would say dear one come back.  Go forth confess all known sins (james 5:16). then go forth and preach gospel openly NONSTOP.  be willing to be arrested for sake of Christ and let your whole being and energy be given into preaching message of salvation to the lost.
Now if your scenario is that you were raised under a church that preached surface stuff and never told you truth and alot of time people just are raised under religiousness and never told how to be saved, then you only can go to God and make sure you were truely saved, that you understand you are a sinner, that there is a parallel, in order for truth to be truth it can only be one thing, it can not be a thousand thing or else it ceases to exist as truth.  Cuz truth is not a thousand things.  Christianity is parallel, ther is a God and satan, heaven and hell, good and evil.  its orderly cuz God is order.
that is why true christians i guess in many nonbeleiver eyes is that we are “narrow minded” well, if we beleived in a thousand beliefs then it would cease to exist as truth and have order, you cant be open minded and it still be truth cuz open mindedness allow a thousand thing to be considered as truth and a person then is not stable or orderly in there belief system they are ike house on a rock that has no foundation.  our foundation is not knowledge itself.  it is HOly Spirit who is real God inside of us when we chose to surrender our heart to Jesus Christ, beleiving that He is only way truth and life.  He became ultimate Lamb on cross.  Jesus is God for only God can save man, not just any “man” could die for sins of world.  He rose on third day defeating sin on cross.
When aperson comes to Jesus Christ and they truely recognize there sin, the evil deep evil deeeds of there heart they have done, the deepest depravity of there heart, i mean the kind of guilt in your heart that you let no one see but if exposed youd go running behind a curtain, you cannot wash away that guilt, the deepest deeds of the heart, the deepest addiction a person cannot be delivered of those deep embed demons on the heart, in the heart, and growth in the heart.  Only one who has power to save a person from this is Christ.  He is one whose blood has power to save.  So if you once truely received HIm then He still is in your heart.  If you have not received HIm then it is pretty hard for a person to know what it like to have Holy Spirit when you are tryin from the outside to always figure out GOd when He wants you to come as you are, in al your sin and dirtyness and see all evil deeds of the heart and how you cant redee your heart and you cant wash away the guilt or shame, and He can do it for you and come in your heart and then you go forth and live out truth faith by Preaching his name openly all the time, confessing sins and nonstop to preach his name.  our warfare is against demons.
So if you are a true christian who fell away you can return to Lord.  if you never truely received him then it is hard for you to know God cuz you stand outside of HIm instead of humbling self like a child, surrender head knowledege, and come as you are in all depravityand receiving what He did for you on cross and receivng HIs love into yoru heart and go forth and living out Christian walk.  And many that fall away is not cuz God has left them it is cuz tey have chosen to leave God which bible said many would fall away cuz they are ashamed of HIm.  God weeps cuz He cares but God will still always be Lord no matter what man does or thinks of HIm.  What right do we have to raise our fist to a God who didnt deserve to die on a cross for our sins, we deserve to die for sins WE COMMIT.  God never forces us to sin.  we are ones that choose it.  yet in his Love hE said i will go down and save them, wow what a Savior to wanna do that so we could have him in our heart.  we can have a new victorious life in Christ if we receive what He has done and then actually live it out.  reason why a person isnt victorious is cuz  a person has to live it out also, confess sins all known sins, and then be filled with HOly Spirit, and go forth in power to preach repentance and salvation to others ALL THE TIME.
Anyways, i dont wish to do alot of email bak and forth.  i only wish to do one.  Im not here to fight against al bible knowledge you have stored up i just only wish to share a little bit because i cared. Reason why sometime peopel dont always get into debate with those who are filled with all bible knowledge trying to persecute Christ is because you have already made up in you mind.  You have knowledge set before you how to receive HIm, and what do to to live out a victorious life, now you just have to live out vicoriously.  if you have in your heart then begin to turn back to HIm and preach openly HIs wonderful name and repetanc and dont stop.  Wish you best Sir
Shortly afterward I received a second email:
by the way i do want you to know that some of us do truely care.  we really do.  i would hae never written to you cuz it hought maybe he is just a christian who cried out ot GOd and was really try to find his way back to Lord.  it could be thator only you know if you were truely received him.  but if you did receive him and fell away it cuz your battle is demon inside of you and on heart and you have to go forth and produce fruit with repentance and preach salvation openly all the time.  Why not try preaching salvation openly and be serious about it and trying to read bible openly in seriusness With care if you wish to be a true christian.
My email back:
Until next time,

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11 comments on “Dave’s Mailbag: Who is a true follower of Jesus Christ?

  1. rocketkirchner
    April 28, 2013

    Simple question –simple answer . who is a true follower of Jesus Christ ? the true follower is one who so filled with love that it overflows in its service to the human race .

    • Cubist
      May 3, 2013

      That’s nice, rocketkirchner. What are you doing about all those false followers of Jesus Christ who, to all outward appearances, most definitely aren’t “so filled with love that it overflows in its service to the human race”? Why do you waste your time posting gosh, Xtians aren’t that bad defenses-of-your-faith comments to atheist blogs when you could, instead, be working towards the goal of making Xtianity what (you so obviously believe) it can and should be, but so rarely is? It’s almost as though you aren’t really all that bothered about those flaws in Xtianity which atheists point out, but are, instead, tryna Persuade Those Danged Atheists To Shut Up About Xtianity.

      Sorry, rocketkirchner, but we’re not going to shut up. And as long as your predictable, reflexive response to any criticism of Xtianity continues to be but Xtians aren’t that bad! without addressing the substance of what you’re responding to, you and your kum-ba-yah bullshit will continue to be dismissed as the soft-sell silencing tactic it is.

      • rocketkirchner
        May 5, 2013

        Cubist , what i do about the Stepford Christians ? i confront them every chance i get. i am actually more popular with my atheist freinds than with them . you can imagine how popular i am at one of their Bible studys . usually i get ejected .

        obviuosly you have never seen me in action with that crowd . there is no soft sell . but i sense with this latest installment of your usual lumping all christians together , you seem to be learing a bit . why do i say that . well at least you did not blame me for the middle ages crusades . of course , i am not a thousand years old , so it shows that you are using what reason you have to realize that that would not come off so reasonable to the readers of this blog .

  2. Dave Muscato
    April 29, 2013

    That is not the definition of a Christian according to any source I’m aware of. Where are you getting that definition? Is this your subjective opinion? Do you think you have the authority to determine for the entire world what a true follower is?

  3. rocketkirchner
    April 29, 2013

    Dave , this is not the definition of being a christian by todays brainwashed stepford christians herded ”en mass” , i grant you . But this is my definition . you state that you are not aware of the source. either or they . the source is within a person . i got the definition from a Person who lives within me . of course it is subjective . Do i have the authority for the entire world to state what a true follower of Christ is ? of course not . that would be presumptiuos . i dont presume or assume any kind of infallibility . J.S. Mill warn us of that quandry .

    All i can do is state what i have experienced , and keep experiencing daily . And that is this living flame of love that burns within me. to make any attempt to prove or disprove it is just plain nonsense. But being a Kierkegaardian , of course you knew that about me .

    hope all is well on the coast . peace out , Rocket

    • Dave Muscato
      May 1, 2013

      It would seem to me that someone who is so filled with love that it overflows in its service to the human race would be a pretty decent definition of a humanist.

      • rocketkirchner
        May 1, 2013

        yes ..i agree. when we view the life of the great scholar Erasmus , we see a real defintion of what is called ”Theocentric Humanism ” …or what came later to be know as Christian Humanism . . What is embraced by some of my Atheist freinds like you is sometimes called ”Anthropcentric Humanism ”. All Humanists can work together like Carl Sagan did with Father Daniel Berrigan in getting arrested at Diablo Canyon for protesting Nukes out there . They were good freinds .

  4. Cubist
    May 11, 2013

    rocketkirchner :
    Cubist , what i do about the Stepford Christians ? i confront them every chance i get. i am actually more popular with my atheist freinds than with them . you can imagine how popular i am at one of their Bible studys . usually i get ejected .

    Well, assuming you actually are doing what you’ve just now claimed to be doing, keep up the good work. Nevertheless, I still want to know why you deem it a good use of your time and energy to whine about how atheists criticize Xtians for things that you, rocketkirchner, agree that Xtians should be criticized for. What’s up with that, hm?
    obviuosly you have never seen me in action with that crowd . there is no soft sell .</blockquote
    Reading comprehension FAIL, dude. It's your aw-gee-why-you-gotta-criticize-Xtians crapola which I referred to as a "soft-sell silencing tactic".

    but i sense with this latest installment of your usual lumping all christians together…

    Hold it. “This latest installment of [my] usual lumping all christians together”? You can write these words, accuse me of treating all Xtians as a homogeneous mass, in your response to a comment of mine in which I specifically and explicitly referred to a particular subset of Xtianity, namely, that subset of Xtianity which might reasonably be regarded as falling within the category self-proclaimed Xtians that rocketkirchner would agree are False Xtians? In response to a comment of mine in which I specifically and explicitly referred to a particular subset of Xtianity, you can assert that lumping-all-Xtians-together is something I “usual(ly)” do?






    Or learn to read for comprehension. Or take off the fucking ‘Jesus goggles’ which have screwed up your literacy. Either way is fine by me.

    well at least you did not blame me for the middle ages crusades.

    Yeah, and I don’t blame any human being now alive for atrocities which occurred N hundred years ago, before any now-living human even could have been responsible for those long-past atrocities. Funny how that works. But the long-dead people who were responsible for the Crusades? They were Xtian believers. Which is another way of saying that they believed in some bullshit concepts, and they allowed themselves to act in accordance with those bullshit concepts.

    So, when currently-living Xtians do stupid/hateful/barbaric things in accordance with the bullshit concepts they believe? They’re engaging in exactly the same type of behavior pattern as those long-dead Crusaders were engaging in. Me, I can and will denounce currently-living Xtians for engaging in Crusader-like behavior as and when I see fit to do so. If you don’t like it, well, that’s your problem, not mine.

    • rocketkirchner
      May 11, 2013

      Cubist . yes should call out those hateful barbaric things done by those who claim to be christians . in fact , you have an obligation to if you have any ethos . everyone does. having been in this battle for some time now allow me to make m,yself clear:

      1. when you call them out it is important . but it must be done right . you must set an example of what real love is so as to expose them. that love is not a soft sell , it is very costly if you are willing to out christianize them by living what christ taught about helping the most needy in our society . if not then not only will it fall on deaf ears but you might find yourslef in the category of a name calling stepford atheist. and no cheap stuff e\here –they must be called out to their face , not behind a phone or a computer. also , they must not be used as an excuse to not look seriuosly yourself into the gospels . alot of non believers need the hypocrites as an excuse . in fact , they love them . they need them . this is what i am objecting too.

      2. the people who conducted the crusades WHERE NOT CHRISTIANS .

      3. even if you do what i suggested in point number 1 ..most likely you will be an irritant at best ( which is still good ) . the difference between you and me is that i am not an irritant –I AM A THREAT. I am considered a heretic . i have been a christian practioner for 39 years . i have not let up on them . in which i do appreciate your encouragement to continue . boy oh boy could i tell you some storys . . whew !

      4. as far as me being semi-literate ..well that is a half truth . my spelling and grammer is bad becuase of a mispent youth playing the guitar all the time . that is my trade. so i cant complain . as far as reading . you may want to check out the stuff i wrote for SASHA . i have to sleep in the kitchen becuase i own and have read so many books . SASHA also had me speak on Soren Kierkegaard’s influence on modern atheism last november . i have no idea what you mean by ”Jesus Goggles ” , but it is a very good title for a song . maybe i will use the title and write about you . artistic licence knows no bounds.

      • rocketkirchner
        May 11, 2013

        Cubist — P.S. by ”out christianizing them ” i dont mean that one has to be a christian to do it . i do mean that by a solid ethos that resembles the blueprint of compassion as laid out in the serving of others that christ talks about , it adds credibilty to one being the critic of their deception .

        also when i speak of love , i am not talking about sentimentality

  5. Ben
    June 12, 2013

    I think Rom 8:14 gives the definition of a Christian.

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