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(Press Release) Student-run Skeptic Convention Offers Belief Challenge to Faith-based Groups

March 13, 2015
Contact: Mark Schierbecker, Director of Marketing
Columbia, MO – MU SASHA (Skeptics, Atheists, Secular Humanists, and Agnostics) is holding its third annual student-run skeptic and secular-interest convention, SASHAcon 2015, for the weekend of March 14–15, 2015. A formal call to MU religious organizations to attend in force is being issued by SASHA.
“This year, SASHA is issuing a special challenge to the religious community to invade our conference. To the group who most numerously encroaches our event, we will reciprocate by dispatching SASHA officers and volunteer forces to a religious service of their choice. In short, bring it,” said SASHA president Daniel Myers.
The convention will be held in Mumford Hall, Room 133. Attendance is free and open to the general public. A wide array of national and local speakers will present on topics relevant to the skeptic and atheist community at large. SASHAcon also provides a place for those who identify with a religion to inquire and be inquired about faith. In addition to facilitating interfaith discourse, SASHAcon also provides a safe environment to question religion, learn about atheism and faith, and make new friends.
Program guests include:
  • Dr. Dan Cohen, assistant teaching professor of religious studies at MU
  • Dr. Libby Cowgill, assistant professor of anthropology at MU
  • Vyckie Garrison, Quiverfull movement survivor
  • JT Eberhard, co-founder, Skepticon
  • Greg Lammers, National Affiliate Director, American Atheists
  • Kara Riggs, Ph.D candidate in Plant Stress Biology at MU
  • David Tamayo, President of Hispanic American Freethinkers (HAFree)
Board members will, by way of reciprocation, attend the religious services of the religious group who sends the most members to SASHAcon. This give others the opportunity to challenge their own beliefs while having the opportunity to offer a defense.
“I’ve seen this conference grow in just a year and now it’s attracting not only atheists but religious students as well. SASHAcon is for anybody who sees the world skeptically or wants to learn more about the people they see everyday,” said SASHAcon coordinator Katie Huddlestonsmith
SASHAcon is entirely free because of the generosity of donors and affiliates. Registration is encouraged, but is not required to attend. Please visit for a complete schedule and event details.

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