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Boone County set to decide fate of religious war memorial [via FFRF]

Credit: Mark Schierbecker

Credit: Mark Schierbecker

August 4, 2015

A monument commemorating those who served in Desert Storm (the Gulf War) was commissioned for the Boone County, MO, Courthouse in 1992. Unfortunately, the memorial features a Christian fish symbol known as an ichthus. Ever since, this exclusively Christian symbol has sent the message to veterans and active military members that their service is less worthy of remembrance if they are not part of the Christian majority.

After receiving a letter urging the removal of the divisive ichthus, the attorney for the Boone County Commission recommended that the entire war memorial be moved to private property, thereby resolving any separation of church and state issues. The Commission is now set to vote on whether the war memorial should be moved.

FFRF needs your help to ensure that this religious symbol is removed from government property!


Please attend the Commission’s upcoming meeting to voice your support for moving the war memorial to a private cemetery.

The University of Missouri’s freethought group, MU Skeptics, Atheists, Secular Humanists and Agnostics, plans to speak to the Commission during the open comment period and has set up a Facebook event for those interested in attending.

When: Thursday, Aug. 6 at 2:30 p.m.
Where: Commission Chambers, Roger B. Wilson Boone County Government Center, 801 E. Walnut, Columbia

If you cannot attend, please immediately contact members of the Boone County Commission and urge them to move the memorial.

Phone: (573) 886-4305

For maximum effectiveness, be succinct and polite in messages, and identify yourself as a constituent when relevant (not as a member of FFRF responding to this action alert). For obvious reasons, do not forward this action alert to the targeted officials. You may wish to send blind copies (using bcc: in your email) to FFRF at:

This letter was originally sent as an Action Alert to local members of the Freedom From Religion Foundation.


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