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Ask an Atheist Day 2014


Our annual skeptic and secular convention in mid-March is free to attend. Details on SASHAcon 2015 can be found at

Common Ground

The goals of this monthly speaking series are to promote aspects of interfaith cooperation and to ally ourselves with members of the religious community on issues that are mutually relevant. Dates for fall 2015 are Sept. 2, Oct. 7, Nov. 4 and Dec. 2.

Fiction for Fiction

Exchange your new and gently used religious texts for better literature. We take displaced books to a farm upstate. See, they have plenty of open room to run around in the fresh air now.

Interfaith Social and Potluck
This event is a chance for leaders and members of the many diverse groups on campus to come together and engage in interesting discussion.

Darwin Day
(12 March)
A very special day celebrating the birth of one of the most important scientists of the modern era.

Better Together Day


Ask an Atheist Day
(April 16)
Ask us a question, any question. “What’s the meaning of life? What came before the Big Bang? Are you single?” No holds barred.

Openly Secular


Graveyard of Gods
(31 October)
Throughout mankind’s history, thousands of gods, from Zeus to Quetzalcoatl, have contended for the title of One True God™. Many have had their day and are now fertilizing the daffodils. To those who came before us, we pay tribute.