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FOR LOCALS to Central Missouri:

SASHA has a very-active Facebook group. If you are local to the Mid-Missouri area (or are a Mizzou alumnus), we would love for you to join our group here. Joining the group will give you access to our Wall discussions, photos, and documents. You will also receive event invitations to our weekly meetings and other local events. Here is the link to the group:


We also maintain a Facebook Page (in addition to the Group) for people who do not live in the Mid-Missouri area, but who are still interested in keeping up to date with SASHA. If you Like the Page rather than joining the group, you will not receive event invitations to weekly meetings and other local events. You can Like the SASHA Facebook Page here, or use the sidebar to the right if you’re logged into Facebook.

You can both join the Group and Like the Page if you prefer!

Also, please Follow us on Twitter


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