The Three Columns


Jesse Hall, University of Missouri-Columbia

The University of Missouri is famous for the six Columns, which are all that remain of the former Academic Hall that tragically burned down in 1892. MU SASHA has its own three Columns, which — fortunately — have nothing to do with fire.


We want MU SASHA to be the best secular community in the state! We emulate the best aspects of religious communities — the sense of belonging, the frequent and exciting events, and the pride of a common purpose — without, of course, adopting their belief system.


As the only secular organization in ORGSync’s “religious” category at the University, MU SASHA has a unique and important responsibility to sponsor educational events and foster student dialogue on matters of faith, science, and reason.


MU SASHA exists at the intersection of the personal and the political. We advocate for progress towards a more comprehensive separation of church and state, and for increasing tolerance of irreligion in the public sphere.